When you live in a house you just have limited space for a small garden, there’s not much you can do with all the plants of your home and you have to work with certain ideas that you evolved during the past few years. So you must think practically and use your imagination a little bit. Here’s a great solution: storytime gardening. Without any technical and frugalness rules you’ll be glad to make your garden look like spring. If you have a story to tell then you must be very creative and try to come up with a plan which is both useful and practical.

For example you can create a very interesting pruning shelf. It’s only an Ikea scale so it has its own character.Now you just have to find a nice way of using the wood you have chosen for the pruning fence as well. If you don’t have a saw too close to your hands, you can just keep the pruning fence open and try to create a very simple series. Then you can take a few strips of wood and connect them using a saw.Of course, if you feel crafty you can make something more detailed or even making some strange things like statues or other unusual things.{found on lowescreativeideas}.

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