If you want to add some color and freshness to your home without spending a lot of money, we brought something for you today. It’s a concrete planter that was inspired from nature and it has a very suggestive name. The planters are made of concrete and they have a very suggestive look.

The planters are not just very simple. They measure approximately 1,800 square feet and they are great for almost any purpose. Moreover, they also have a very versatile design and this makes them appropriate for either the terrace or hallway. The dimensions of the planters are not varied and they also have a stylized design. Also, the range of colors they are available in allows them to have an almost uniform appearance. You can now purchase such a project on Etsy. Let it inspire your home and maybe decorate it with fresh plants.

If you prefer something a little more modern and forgetful, perhaps you would like to take a look at some of the DIY concrete planters made by a very talented French designer, Julian Sauquet. There are many things to admire about these planters. You can choose any shape you want. They are air dry concrete, which makes them non-stick and doesn’t let the air warp or shrink because of the concrete material. Their exterior is very simple and you can choose to customize them by cutting them with a craft knife orremip printing.

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As most planters are often not suited for large gardens in particular, perhaps also offering some extra storage space may be the answer. You can make some yourself and display them in your home. Once you’ve selected the desired design and shape, you can then decide how many plants you want to put inside the planters. You can create multiple designs. To better find suitable pots and planters, you can find plants that are suitable for the low tier.

Another thing that garden pots offer in case you also have a terrarium or simply something that you want to display, is the decorative band that can be attached to any planter you might already have. It’s a little something for the kids but also something for the grownups in your home.Available for 13$.

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The set of planters from the same collection features small terrariums and air plants, in case you have a small balcony or terrace. The pots are handcrafted and they are made in the USA. They feature natural clay and sea stone and they have an outdoor spray made from plants and fruits local to Asia truchles.

The Terrain collection includes simplicity and versatility. It includes handcrafted planters and pots made of terra cotta that will offer you the beauty you want. The planters are galvanized steel and can be versatile so you can use them for the interior, for the elements that can be incorporated in the design and to give the pot a decorative role.

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The pots are usually surrounded by water. It’s why the planters can be so beautiful and versatile. The Terrain series includes several types of planters. The white ones are very simple and they are usually used on the landscape. The ones that are decorated with small flowers are wonderful for the indoors areas.

A different way of using water is through plants. In fact, if you have a vertical garden, you can use plants that can be trained to grow indoors. They will become part of the room’s design and there will be more options and new ways of using water.

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