This concrete house was a project cost just under 20,000 Euro. It was designed in collaboration with Bostadter Deathesis. The total work started in January of 2016. The result was this beautiful contemporary residence sitting on the Palaisette Exchange street in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The house was built in 2001. It costs $1.6 million.

The house was built for a couple with two children. Even though is hot and cosy in the early morning hours of the day, inside the house there’s always a little fear and a little surprise left from the first day that leads to bad weather and lack of adequate light.

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The concrete walls were a very important factor from the beginning. There’s a mix of materials that was used for the construction and that was selected with a mix of visible concrete and untreated stonework. The house sits on a large lot and the entrance is on the second floor. The living room and kitchen can be directly connected to the dining room.

The concrete walls were deliberately left exposed. The kitchen has a windowless wall as a way to create a seamless and warm atmosphere. The concrete ceiling and walls are paired with warm wooden flooring and ceiling fixtures. The house also features several beautiful archways throughout the house and high windows that allow lots of natural light to get inside.

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