In almost all homes there’s an entryway that has to be welcoming and beautiful. It needs to have a beautiful décor that focuses on functionality. The entryway needs to have just the right amount of storage while still being stylish and elegant. It needs to be practical while also look inviting. More than that, however, it also has to be enjoyable and to be relaxing and inviting.

A good strategy that can be used when creating separate zones is to use simple wall storage. You can have that hidden in the décor or you can maintain a minimalist and minimalist décor and a minimalistic interior décor. A bench or a console table placed above the table would be a great choice. Another option can be to have the entryway shelves and drawers integrated in its design. An outdoor deck or patio can also be an excellent feature. Whatever the case is, it’s a nice opportunity to come up with a custom plan. It will not only make your entryway look beautiful but it will also have a positive impact on you and your guests.

Entryway Planter Ideas For Your Open Space Photo 2
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In order to also create a space that always looks welcoming and has a welcoming appeal, you have to think small and blend all the features and accessories into a single structure and design. For example, this entryway looks very cozy. It’s been organized like a long hallway with functional staircases and storage compartments on both sides. There’s also a nice little pull-out dining nook and plenty of built-in storage. The small hallway is connected to the entryway which is placed behind a partial wall that also incorporates two open shelves. In this case the design was kept simple and only the features that are noticeable are hidden under the concrete floor.

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You can also choose to organize your entryway space using modular furniture. This design was implemented for large spaces and not rooms with large windows or sliding partitions. The entryway can then be a typical walk-in space with built-in furniture. Check out the option featured on warmnoopyforests for more inspiration.

There’s also the option to use the entryway as a space to organize your bike. You could hang a few hooks or baskets on the wall and organize your bike in a way that suits your lifestyle. The important thing to consider when choosing a design for the entryway is the bike. You should have a look at the images that follow and look at them to make sure you understand all the intricacies of this problem.

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There’s also the issue related to the height of the entryway. To figure out how tall you want the bike to be, you should take into consideration the space that usually remains between the elements on the wall and the ceiling of the house. If you notice a large space that doesn’t seem important enough or if you’ll make a few small changes, your entryway will look or feel less spacious.