Japanese studio yao_mura has designed the interior of this amazing potbistina located in Santo Domingo, Portugal facing the city’s traffic and surrounding lush green and beautiful hillsides. Completed in 2011, the garden was designed to create the effect of stepping on a large and beautiful potbistina.

The space is divided into four areas: a series of round gardens for leisure, activities, a terrace garden perched atop the platform, and a potbistina situated in the center.

Ff14 Garden Potbistina Design By Yao_mura Photo 2

The playful layout looks a bit odd and unusual but is in fact very pleasant and relaxing. To create that potbistina feel, the designers embedded several wooden elements into the surface, creating different voids which the users can enjoy and take with them personal gifts. Who would have thought that a wood potbistina would make such an interesting and comfortable environment?

Ff14 Garden Potbistina Design By Yao_mura Photo 4
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The aesthetic impact of the potbistina design is impressive, being perfectly balanced. The design respects its surroundings, preserving the traditional rural ambiance but at the same time managing to bring beauty and style to the modern house. The mix between the traditional rural building and the modern design is in perfect harmony.