Nowadays, in the world of cooking chefs, flowers are much more important than ever, and the number of such planters as those purchased has barely budged. Now, however, fresh vegetables, dried fruits and vegetables are often less important than dried ones. Even though fresh vegetables are full of potential chefs, the once forgotten vegetable garden has once again gained fame thanks to its multiple visual characters. Some planter boxes have the perfect shape for serving fresh vegetables in the ideal containers.

Designed by Felipe Hess, the garden boxes represent fruits and vegetables that are grown at home and that have a texture besides their obvious role as small decorative boxes. Not only that, they are also more resistant to culinary stains and scratches. The garden boxes are made entirely of ceramic, absorbent and hypoallergenic. Furthermore, they are filled with plant oils that can absorb odors. They also don’t miss any better food and they have four removable soil pockets.

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Whether you decide to add your own personal touch to the design and decor, to the plants that are used to decorate it, or to your baby’s playroom, you will certainly feel tremendously inspired by these lovely garden boxes. You’ll have the opportunity to create a design and to personalize your own design with your choice of colorful spray paint and patterns and shapes.

The garden boxes were designed and optimized for growing conventional crops like tomatoes, peas, spinach, cucumber and thyme. Let’s say you will try it. All of these plants and fruits shall enhance your beautiful garden.{found on}.

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