There are some who really want to escape the heat of the day, with their children running around in the house, everyone settling there for the sun’s rays without any problems, and who are looking for a cool living place indoors without giving up the summer heat. That’s exactly what the owners of the Glebe House did when they wanted to build their own summer home. They had to build a new and ergonomic house with plenty of space and with enough natural light for their grandchildren to grow up in, so that their elderly parents and their loved ones would all be able to enjoy the comfortable home. And they also didn’t need a normal home for that, as it was constructed in such a way that would allow the easy living and children to be easilyanded when they come from home to the village.

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The newly constructed house is designed in a way that allows it to be as functional as the living area but, at the same time, to be quite luxurious as a storage room. The entrance also has a large glass door that only flows into the living room when the other glass doors are slid and sliding into the unit.

The house doesn’t just have impressive architecture here. It’s an extremely flexible unit with plenty of storage and wine storage and a well equipped automation system for all the components. The system is available in a lot of combinations, including combinations of two or more colors.

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