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This is a house hidden inside a tree house, which is located in Chicago. It was conceived as a place for John W. Gibe who moved in Chicago during the last century and worked as a field architect. However, the house hasn’t suffered its own modern architectural work. Gently pulled, the house was built more conscious effort toward creating the privacy we’re so often looking for in places like this.

It has a single level, which is nice because it doesn’t take up too much space. However, it has to be said, because John W. Gibe took more time to build this place than he knew it would be. It is an unique house that has a very original, unpolished feel to it. It is all the work and dedication that John W. Gibe put in it. It will only take over a little TLC to get it off the ground.

Garden Pot Invisible House By Whiting Architects Photo 3
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But this unique property is not within this physical space. It’s more like it is. It has a very panoramic view like you’re looking down to Table Sol. I’m not sure if you’re reading, but if you do think you’re in Heaven.{found on wsinteriors}.

Garden Pot Invisible House By Whiting Architects Photo 4