If you’re a denumer or apartment dweller then this pot garden just might be what your space in just an Australian home needs. Designed by Australian architect James Stockwell, the Calias residence is just that – a collection of pots that move from one section to another. Whether you have more than one pot inside the house or are partial to having them at home, you can create a multilevel garden on a budget. If you’re not sure how he did it, take a look at the video below.

Before you even consider the comings and goings of each pot, here are a few ideas that cleverly conceal them, and that would make either apartment dwellers, or those using the pots, feel like missing out – particularly if you use the bathroom in the daytime.

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Backyard Ideas

This Vancouver home, featured at Apartment Therapy, cleverly and beautifully conceals its potter box in the back yard, which, according to its owners, is like “a secret oasis for a lost beater.”

The bathroom here has a naturally lit bamboo box tub and a delicately imperfect toilet seat.

Mediteranian Pot Garden’s Charming Character And Modern Approach Photo 4

The bamboo shower in the bathroom gives it a somewhat minimalist appeal – a nice addition to a space already built for minimal impact.

Mediteranian Pot Garden’s Charming Character And Modern Approach Photo 5

This tiny home on wheels has everything one may need – and even more!

It was recently completed by architecture student, and did a great job “ teaching at the weekend”.

Design Tufted by Ângelo Fernandes is no exception. What we see here are the masterful combination of furniture, decor, finishes, and appliances used to make this small luxury retreat feel like a large cozy home.

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In the photo below is a lesson in “no compromises” architecture. As stated above, everyone who lives in this house says they have the best living opportunities but, in reality, the homeowners and theirces say the same thing: We don’t want to create DIY problems. We don’t want the house to be built of cheap steel. What better choice for an art collector than this one?

Organize and separate your kid’s spaces with a movable wall. This will give them more floor space and also make them more easily accessible to friends and family alike.

If your home has a play house, make it a bit bigger. This tiny house has all the furniture and accessories you need to make it bigger and better suited for your needs.

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This tiny cabin has all the cozies you could want. It even has a couch and a coffee table. It’s cute and fulfills the parents’ living hours dream. If you want to build something similar yourself, make sure to follow the instructions.

This tiny house measures nine feet by nine feet and even though it’s a lot of space, it’s still spacious and airy. Everyone should feel like home. Let the photos inspire you.