Plants are always a great gift, whether it’s for the plants on your garden, for the flowers on the lawn or for the house in the garden, some outdoor spaces or just art pieces which are very beautiful. Today we came across this impressive planter garden which was designed by Spanish architect Alejandro Aarña especially for Ricone Caminata and Vitra Design. It’s a very interesting design which impresses in one way or another.

It doesn’t look like the usual contemporary or minimalist house that you see around us and it certainly doesn’t look like this. The geometry of the house has been left intentionally undisturbed so it can have time to accommodate complex structure in its later life. The house is located in Chalet ad The Hague so it’s also an exceptional idea of small garden with apparent apparently random designs.

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This way the house takes its shape ad it was modeled around the house using conventional methods. It’s a very fun and interactive design, not to mention that it’s very impressive. The “planter garden” is located in the corner of the house and it lights up because it’s located in the corner. It’s a modern and interactive design, very interesting and unusual. The inspiration for this design was the philosophy behind ad industry think-tanks or think-tanks that basically urge designers to create stuff, to create something out of stuff. The planter garden design, it seems, was inspired by nature but it’s actually a fun and unusual idea that also aims to make our homes look nice and different.

Planter Garden Photo 3
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Planter Garden Photo 4