The bench is a great piece for the house. It’s a useful piece, useful if you have two or three children. Not bad for someone with kids who likes to play with their parents. The bench might be small, but it’s the perfect place to put it. It it’s cute, with its friendly design and look.

The bench is made of wood and it’s both decorative and functional. It has a very simple design and a very nice texture. It will keep your kids busy for a long time. The dimensions vary so it’s safe to say that this is a prototype so it might still be modified and created. It’s fun and colorful and it includes two benches in two different sizes. The pattern is also unusual, as most butterfly garden benches have three designs.

Planter Garden Bench Photo 2
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The benches don’t have legs per se. They are suspended on the structure. The bottom half of the bench is supported by steel post and everything else is just as an addition. The black and white models are eco-friendly and they go so well together. You can buy the bench for EUR 160.70 and the matrimogue size for EUR63.82.

Planter Garden Bench Photo 3