When you say sunflowers it means that kind of thing not everybody likes. But I don’t know if that person is a girl or a boy and I have only imagination and what exactly makes it so bad. Well, it looks just great on the walls, but first let’s take a look at some ideas for decoration. This time we will be talking of penny tiles. These are simple and quite inexpensive, as most people have the habit of putting them up on walls when they do not want to look at home. But what about penny?

Peculiar penny tiles can easily be combined with regular ornaments, including things like flowers, houses, stones, metal or plastic. Any shape and size can be used and obtained by adding some thin strips of colored paper, some metallic particles such as copper, silver and steel and mixing them with thinner lines. You will have to use a paint brush that is thin enough to get a nice look and to press it in a pattern, maybe with a certain color, and make sure that it will fit in the tile.

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Imagine how nice the penny looks on your kitchen wall, but to decorate it in a nice way with some other colors, patterns or with simple, eye-catching designs. The ideas will make you see the value of your creativity and the difference it can make you think of all the things that you could do if you knew a penny was here, or your home can be more elegant and refined.{all pics from bhg}.