The creative mind behind Sunken Garden Planter by Peter Ghrydo, takes design to new heights, as this intricate and visually stunning garden was designed to appear whimsically cool and architecturally pleasing. If you are looking for that perfect outdoor garden walk-out, then this potted garden is perfect for your desires. Smaller in stature and designed to resemble one another in form, these garden planters make up for a truly indulgent outdoor lounge that would have us wishing we were at least grown-ups – after all, who wouldn’t want to “borrow teep from the pathways” and ‘flollow out’ a flower garden? Sunken garden planters are guaranteed to draw a smile from the driveway or front porch.

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Recently, Peter Ghrydo designed these planters for Klima, their self-watering garden in Pristine Waters, Oregon.

Sunken Garden Planter By Peter Ghydo – Ecopod For Klima Photo 2

The roots of kymas give them a natural, organic appeal, yet decorative feature adds to the natural form as well as the artistic Florentine flair of these planters. We love the way the shade of the water is mirrored in their form – as if a fascinating cocoon – as well as their “water shell”. Aren’t these garden pots a cool contrast?


by Great Wood & Great Wood

by Michael Kelley Photography

by Trepe Construction

by Ex.t Interior