Bathrooms always invite all their guests to spend a quiet time, which is why we usually associate water features with a luxury spa. It’s not only relaxing, but it’s also a great way to add some style and exotic touch to the bathroom. We are talking not only about bathrooms, but also about a few truly interesting options that will able to fulfill all requirements.

Presenting the new collection of bathtubs presented here, the creators at Tolga have chosen to use two colors, each Featuring a contrasting combination of grey and white, which create a clean, classic image. Featuring a square shape, the interiors of this bathtub have been given an elegant touch. The grey and white tones are appropriate for the small bathrooms, but also for larger bathrooms if the space allows, where you can enjoy it for countless hours of relaxation.

What is also interesting and pleasing are the color combinations. In this case, the bathtub is nicely balanced with the vanity, creating the concept of spacious and not-so-spacious. The wooden elements are also sober and, in the same time, of course, of integrated with the wooden floor.

Tire Garden Pot By Olga Kravchenko And Ruben Cheek Photo 3

There is also a nice harmony between the black bathtub and the white vanity. Natural materials like wicker and leather were used in combination with white and grey and the result is successful.

Tire Garden Pot By Olga Kravchenko And Ruben Cheek Photo 4

The next examples are simple, modern and very beautiful. You have to be careful because these are just one-of-a-kind bathtubs, but they are worth showing you. They speak for themselves. What a splendid, exclusive, boutique-style bathroom, isn’t?