Wine Barrel Planter Preparation

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The cold water soak and the hot water soak. Christina Davis From Scratch Club 2k followers.

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A barrel that is new or that has been stored dry will need to be swelled with water to seal itself before you can put wine in it.

Wine barrel planter preparation. The next day when the planter was dry all the metal bands were sanded back down to the bare metal in preparation for painting the metal bands. Water the plants. Heres a list of what I use to prep a half barrel minus any kind of liner.

Empty the entire bag of stones into the barrel and spread them evenly over the cloth. Cut pieces of wire mesh to fit over the drainage holes. Cut a piece of landscape cloth slightly larger than the inside diameter of the barrel and place it on the bottom making sure it completely covers the surface.

A unique presentation of ornamental flowers. We stapled the fabric to the underside and then flipped the barrel over and added a base of soil before setting the tree. Strawberry trees are very hardy but do require proper drainage to thrive.

I discuss liners at the end of the post half wine barrel you can also get a whole one if youre up for cutting it in half power drill with a bit large enough to make drainage holes the size of quarters. We covered the bottom of the holes to keep soil from falling out by using some garden bed fabric. Do this all the way around the barrel.

There are two basic approaches. Fill with container specific mix. The cold water soak involves filling the barrel 13 full with cold water and letting it stand for 3.

Ive read different opinions but the plants should be watered often for the first 3 days to avoid transplant shock. Lay the barrel on its side and use the tape measure to determine the where the middle of the barrel is for us it was over 45 inches. Put on protective mask and gloves before filling.

Mark the middle of the barrel with a pencil we used small arrows to help avoid confusion. -Power drill attachments How to do it. There are just a few essentials to know about how to prepare a half wine barrel planter for your garden including where to find them and how to place them.

What You Need to Prepare a Half Wine Barrel Planter. Five Steps for Preparing a Half Wine Barrel Planter Drill drainage holes in the bottom. Spray the bottom and inside of the barrel with apple cider vinegar.

Be sure to soak the roots of the plants before you place them in the barrel. It is not necessary to line the sides of the barrel with the cloth. Because spray paint would be used to paint the metal bands I placed a full roll of painters tape over the stained wood and.

Move planters into intended spot you will move around later I am sure but they become very heavy once filled. Around half a half a gallon a day.

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